In 1938 St. Mary’s Girls’ College which was situated in the premises of Grand Street Church was brought to the present place by Rev. Sr. Annunciata from the Good Shepherd Order, with the consent of the superior Rev Mother Solange.This was done with the assistance of Rev. Fr.Cazugue, the Parish Priest of Grand Street Church due to the increase of the number of pupils and the lack of space for expansion. At the time there were only three hundred students and twenty teachers. The number increased by leaps and bounds and the school was then divided into four houses namely Andrew, Coudert, Masson and Solange....
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We Produce Good Shepherdesses to the World.


  • For the total development of our students. (Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Socially and Spiritually)

  • To inculcate the values of Jesus, the Good Shepherd in our students.

  • To give life witness to a good shepherd teacher.

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