The Environment Club of Ave Maria Convent Negombo was established in 2017 with the concept of Rev Sister Shermilar Jayawardene :Principal Ave Maria Convent with the guidance of Mrs Mercy Jayakody, Mrs Lakshmi Nettikumara and with 25 members. After the retirement of Mrs Mercy Jayakody Mrs Chathuri Silva filled the gap and giving her fullest support to enrich the society.

The main aim of establishing the society is to give opportunities to the members to be blend with the environment and letting them to appreciate the nature and understand the rhythm of nature.

This is a unique society, which helps to relief the anxiety and the stress of children in an effective way. This society has no competitions or competitors rather having partners and having cooperate work. We keep the books away and let the members to smell the serenity and the scent of nature.

Therefore, the committee of the society together with the teachers in charge have organized various activities for the betterment of the members.

Office Bearers:

  • President : Danika Gomes
  • Co-President: Dewmi Fernando
  • Vice presidents: Senushi Hettiarachchi and Guilia Pegareru
  • Secratory : Geilee Fonseka and Angela Lambert
  • Treasurers: Dulki Lambert and Sharanya Perera