The Prefects' Investiture Ceremony of Ave Maria Comvent was held on the 01st of March2024. Rev. Fr. Sajith Alahakoan, the Vice Rector of St. Joseph’s college, Negombo branch graced the occasion with the holy mass. 42 students from primary section were appointed as Prefects. Ms. Diyansa Liyanage was appointed as the Head Prefect while Ms. Shanaya Ganepola and Ms. Cristelle Kirihetti were appointed as the Deputy Head Prefects.
On April 10th, Ave Maria Convent's Science Section hosted a Practical-Based Activity Day, aiming to empower and motivate students in science education. Guided by dedicated teachers, participants engaged in hands-on experiments tailored to their interests. Emphasizing inclusivity, the day provided personalized support for students facing challenges. As students delved into scientific inquiry, they discovered the joy of practical application and collaboration. Ave Maria Convent remains committed to nurturing future scientists, equipping them with essential skills for success. Through initiatives like the Practical-Based Activity Day, the school fosters curiosity, creativity, and a passion for science.
The Prefects’ Investiture Ceremony of Ave Maria Convent for the academic year 2023/2024 was held on the 07th of March 2024, under the patronage of the Principal Sr. Priyangani Hathurusinghe. It was not just a unique day for the new appointees, but a day of glory to the Vice Principals, teachers, the proud parents who looked forward to see their children accepting a noteworthy challenge of being leaders in the esteem school. Hence, Director academy of music and arts of BCI campus Rev. Fr. Malith Kaluarachchi , Vice Principal Sr. Gayathri Alwis , Deputy Principals, Ms. Dilhani David, Ms. Geethani Perera, Prefect In Charge Ms. Asangi Fernando, teachers, students and parents of senior prefects were present to Grace the occasion. This esteem function, to honour the new board of prefects commenced with the Eucharistic celebration followed by the conferring of badges to the beaming prefects by the Principal, Deputy Principals and teachers of the school while the parents were seated to witness the unforgettable moment. The head Prefect Ms. K. Uvindi T.M Fernando administered the oath followed by all the prefects who pledged to maintain peace, discipline and unity inside and outside the school premises. The ceremony enlivened with a debut speech by the Head Girl Ms. Uvindi Fernando and a speech by the outgoing Head Girl Ms. Primeli Bernadette . Subsequently, Sr. Principal addressed the gathering on the importance of attitude, discipline and leadership qualities. Finally, the day’s proceedings culminated with everyone joining in the National Anthem, in keeping with normal concluding formality.
The Annual Inter House Sports Meet at Ave Maria Convent is a highly anticipated event that showcases the school's athletic prowess and celebrates the spirit of competition among the Avians. For the academic year 2024, this grand event took place on the 30th of April at the School Ground, shining as one of the brightest events on the school calendar. This year's sports meet was graced by the presence of Mr. D.S.P.S.D. Perera, the Zonal Director of Education, who kindly agreed to be the chief guest. The track and field events were intense battles between the houses, from the preliminary heats to the final events on the day of the sports meet. The houses - Andrew, Masson, Coudert, and Solange - demonstrated outstanding commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm, contributing significantly to the success of the event. Students and athletes competed fiercely in various events to earn points for their houses, with teachers providing unwavering support and guidance. Events such as the 200m and 4 x 100m relays for different age groups, group games, tug of war, and unique activities for senior students added excitement and color to the sports meet.
In the heart of May, our school community gathers in reverence and joy to celebrate the blessed Virgin Mary, the embodiment of compassion, grace, and maternal love. The May Feast Celebration at Ave Maria Convent is a cherished tradition that not only honors Mother Mary but also fosters a sense of spiritual renewal and communal unity among teachers and students. Thus, the May feast was held at the school premises on the 31st of May 2024. A highlight of the May Feast Celebration is the procession honoring Mother Mary, adorned with vibrant floral wreaths and garlands lovingly crafted by students and teachers. The May Feast Celebration at Ave Mari Convent is more than just a religious observance, it's a testament to the enduring legacy of Mother Mary's love and compassion that transcends boundaries of faith, culture, and tradition. As we gather in her honor, let us be reminded of the transformative power of love, faith, and unity to uplift and inspire us in our journey through life. Blessed be the name of Mother Mary, and may her eternal grace shine upon us always.
A warm and heartfelt welcome ceremony was held on January, 2nd 2024 to welcome Reverend Sister Priyangani Hathurusinghe as the new principal of our school. The event was a true celebration of community, dedication, and anticipation for the promising future that lies ahead with Rev. Sister Priyangani Hathurusinghe at the helm. The welcome ceremony began with a joyous atmosphere, as students, teachers, and staff gathered together in the school auditorium. The event kicked off with a lively performance by the school choir, setting the tone for a memorable and welcoming occasion. A heartfelt welcome speech was delivered by the outgoing principal, highlighting Rev. Sister Priyangani Hathurusinghe's impressive background in education and her passion for inspiring and guiding students. The speech was met with applause and cheers from the audience, showcasing their enthusiasm for the new leadership. Rev. Sister Priyangani Hathurusinghe then took the stage and expressed her gratitude for being welcomed so warmly into the school community. She shared her vision for the school and her commitment to creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where students can thrive academically and personally. Hence, the welcome ceremony for our newly appointed Reverend Sister Principal was a resounding success, filled with warmth, enthusiasm, and a sense of unity among students, teachers and staff. It marked the beginning of an exciting journey for our school, with Rev. Sister Priyangani Hathurusinghe leading the way towards a brighter and more promising future. Together, we look forward to a successful and fulfilling tenure for Rev. Sister Priyangani Hathurusinghe as our esteemed principal.
Your hard work and dedication have paid off with this incredible achievement. Congratulations on your well-deserved success!
All your hard work and dedication are paid off with your win today. Be the same forever and add many feathers of success to your crown. Congratulation !
The champions have been crowned! Congratulations to the winning team on an unforgettable victory.
The Annual Prize Giving - 2023 of Ave Maria Convent, Negombo themed on ‘Step up in Life’ was ceremoniously held on 16th of June 2023 at the prestigious school auditorium. The school takes great pride in celebrating the achievements of its’ students and honouring them for the hardships and challenges they had to face. The fruits of years of hard work being culminated, making this day a significant and memorable moment for the students to cherish. The event was graced by the honourable Chief Guest Prof. Terrence Madhujith, The Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Peradeniya and the professor of the Department of food and technology in the faculty of Agriculture, Peradeniya.
"The Crowning is symbolic of Mother Mary as Queen of Heaven and of our lives."_ It is a tradition at Ave Maria Convent Negombo, to honour Mother Mary each May. May is a time when Spring is at the height of its beauty. Just as Spring is connected with nature renewing itself, Mary is connected to giving new life to the world through the birth of Jesus Christ. Thus, this year, on the 26th of May, Ave Maria Convent held its annual May procession to honour our Lady and crown the May Queen in a grand scale. Each class in the college made their own procession and honoured the blessed Virgin Mary with flowers and prayers. Finally, a rosary of balloons was released to the air in order to commermorate the occasion.
“Keep alive within you and bring under wise control that courage which makes you long to undertake great works, which others might consider it folly to attempt.” - St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier Feast Day Celebration of St. Mary Euphrasia was held on 24th of April 2023, at the school premises, with the participation of teachers and students. To mark this special day, around thirty staff members were appointed and vowed as lay associates, to help the sisters of the college in doing the religious services, followed by a Holy Mass. Further, in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Good Shepherd Congregation, a statue of the Good Shepherd, “Jesus Christ” was placed at the main entrance of the College.
As Srilankan Christians mark four years since the Easter Sunday bombing, Ave Maria Convent Negombo, organized a candle light vigil in remembrance of the victims of the Easter Sunday attack on Thursday, 20th of April, 2023. Subsequently, an alms giving ceremony too was held at the Children's Home in Bolawalana, Childrens's Home in Munnakkraya and the Elder's Home in Thammita, commermorating the hundreds who died at the devastating Easter Bombings.
Out of the hundreds of events that illuminate the Ave Maria Convent calendar, the Annual Inter House Sports Meet is one that shines the most. It is a celebration of the school’s athletic capabilities and a tribute to all Avians. Thus, the Annual Inter House Sports meet, for the academic year 2023 was held at the School Ground on the 4th of April 2023. This year, the school was blessed with the presence of Mrs. Swarna Fernando, the Secretary Sri Lanka Throw Ball Federation, Past Physical Training Instructress of the school, kindly agreeing to be our chief guest. The track and field events had been a high-tension battle between houses for points, from the heats to the final events on the day of the sports meet. The commitment, dedication and enthusiasm of the participating houses, Andrew, Masson, Coudert and Solange played a paramount role in enlivening the day and making it a great success. Students as well as athletes had been competing among one another to win events and gain points for their houses while the teachers did their level best to support them and guide them to victory. On the day of the sports meet the 200m and 4 x 100m relays were conducted for the under 13 to under 20 age groups, followed by various group games. In addition to these, there were few more unique events such as the tug of war and the staff race which added colour to the event. The highlight of the day was the drill display, dazzling the spectators with bright hues and synchronized steps. The March past, led by the prefects Squad, headed by the School games captain, culminated in Coudert House emerging victorious while Solange House emerged Runners up. At the latter part of the sports meet, after an inspiring speech from our principal and a very reminiscent speech from our chief guest, the awards were handed out. The day drew to a close with the most anticipated moment of the day, the announcing of the winning House. Solange House emerged the overall champions, while Coudert emerged First Runners up and Andrew emerged the Second Runners up.
Ave Maria Convent Karate athletes never give up on bringing glory to the College. Shashini Wijewardana owns the first place in Under 17 girls (3, 2, 1 KYU - 47kg) at the Sri Lanka senior schools karate championship held on 20th February 2023 at the sugadhadasa stadium
The Past Pupils' Association of Ave Maria Convent together with Mrs. Anoma Fernando, the immediate Past President, Ms. Hyacinth Gunawardena, the President, Mrs. Lakshmi Nettikumara, the Science Coordinator and the teachers of Science stepped forward extending their generous support in terms of financial and technical assistance for the construction of the new full equipped Science Laboratory to the school with the aim of uplifting the Science education in the school. This newly built laboratory was ceremonially opened on the 10th of January 2023. As a school , we are greatly thankful for the Past Pupils’ Association of Ave Maria Convent Negombo, the Architect, Mr. Manoj De Croos and the Contractor, Mr. Shevin Mahawattage for their immense support in making our students’ dream a success. Hereby, Ave Maria Convent Negombo, is proud to have a well equipped Science Laboratory which is in constant use by the secondary school students of the college.
The Young Catholic Students movement of YCS, Archdiocese of Colombo held the Cardijn Day for the year 2022, the annual celebration of honouring and tributing the giant character who inspired this hallowed movement. Applying a new attribute together with marking this significant day, the Diocesan Committee organized a special competition under the theme of 'Let's glorify the Lord through talents'. Representing Negombo zone, three Avian members of YCS movement, came in first in the dancing competition. Following that, in the final competition, a group of ten dancers of Ave Maria Convent achieved the 2nd place. Finally, in addition to the dancing competitions, a singer of Avian YCS movement, achieved the 3rd place in the solo singling completion adding fame to the college.
51st Sir John Tarbet Senior Athletic meet concluded recently at the Diyagama Mahinda Rajapaksha Stadium with Ave Maria Convent Negombo walking away as the overall Girls Champions, obtaining 68 reward points.
In Christian homes, the celebration of Christmas begins with carol services. Thus, on Tuesday 13th December, the school community came together for our annual Christmas Carol Service under the theme Laudate Dominum. It was a glorious evening, when a host of angels appeared at Ave Maria Convent Negombo and sang praises to God. A meaningful Christmas message was delivered by Rev. Fr. Jayantha Wickramasinghe the Parish Priest of St.Peter’s Church Negombo, where he mentioned that true meaning of Christmas happens when it is shared by those needed. It begins in our hearts and must be shared in order to welcome Jesus into our lives. The success of the event is shared by the Management of the school, teachers, students and the parents alike. It was a team and a family effort.
As the academic year draws to a close, prize giving ceremonies are on the agendas of many schools to reward learners and teachers for fruitful year. Thus, the annual prize giving - 2019 of Ave Maria Convent, Negombo themed on ‘Character towards high performance’ was ceremoniously held on 4th of November 2022 at the prestigious school auditorium. After two long years of waiting for this day, the school was finally able to host this much awaited event despite the hurdles in their way. The school takes great pride in celebrating the achievements of its students and honouring them for the hardships and challenges they had to face. It is the fruits of years of hard work that have been culminated, making this day a significant and memorable moment for the students to cherish.
May her Soul rest in Peace ....!
Seven Girl Guides from 3rd Negombo Company - Ave Maria Convent Negombo were awarded the President's Guide Award recently. The awardees are; Ms.Shini Galabada Ms Buddini Jayasooriya Ms Gihara Guneratne Ms Dinithi Dasa Ms Isari Kuruwita Ms Chryshelle de Silva Ms Raneesha Wimalasuriya
The presence and protection of our Mother Mary has immense power; requested, channelled, and honoured through the rosary. Her immaculate intercession has won wars and conquered hearts. With the intension of renewing the devotion the school has on Mother Mary, Ave Maria Convent celebrated the yearly feast of Our Lady of the Rosary on the 7th of October 2022 with its dear teachers and students in the school premises. Thus, the school dedicated the entire month of October to the rosary
On 05th of October 2022 the students and the parents of the primary school worked together for the celebration of teachers day 2022. As early as 8.00 in the morning the parents and the students gathered together in the school ground to welcome our lovely teachers with their glamorous attire. All the teachers were welcomed by the students as they walked through a colourful balloon arch. They were gifted with gifts and a special sash which said “ you are the second mother” This souvenir is not only a give away instead. It serves as a sign of appreciation for our dear teachers for being the second mother in the school who guides and leads the students to do good in life in order to have a better future. To celebrate this occasion students performed a lovely song with a dance acknowledging the contribution of their teachers. The parents had organized few games and a cricket match for teachers. Refreshments were also arranged by the parents. It was a joyful day for all the teachers. The programme was ended around 10.00 A.M
International Children’s Day, is a commemorative date celebrated annually in honour of children, whose date of observance varies by country. Ave Maria Convent, Negombo, also enthusiastically rejoiced this wonderful day with lots of fantastic proceedings which made the children’s world brighter. • For the very first time we were glad to have the amazing talent show “Blooming Buds” to pop up the hidden talents of our offspring, with the guidance of our dearest Principal Rev. Sister Shermila Jayawardhana and the Vice Principal and the Rev. Sister In Charge of the Primary School, Rev. Sister Dilrukshika Silva. • Children were relished with plenty of delicious snacks and enjoyed the day dancing and singing merrily as the Ave Marian family.
Vishmi Serasinghe grabbing the Runner-up(under 18 -Girls) in the National Tennis tournament 2022, made the Avain Tennis team to reach great heights in tennis at National Level.
World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5 globally. It is a day on which we spread awareness about the environment and the need to conserve it. Moreover, it is essential to advocate for a greener environment and conservation of nature. Following the footsteps of protecting the 'Only One Earth', the primary school of Ave Maria Convent - Negombo celebrated the Environment Day on 30th of September 2022 by organizing a mini fair to sell fruits and vegetable plants among students to mark the significance of protecting the environment and also to overcome the pessimistic effects on the sudden economic crisis of Sri Lanka. It is quite simple as when we conserve the environment today, the future generations will be able to lead a healthier life. Environment Day is the perfect opportunity to make people aware of the issues we are facing and how one can contribute to saving it. To sum it up, it is important to remember that the gifts and blessings which nature endows on us are priceless. It is rather essential to conserve them all for a better future and life for all
The Western Province Athletic Meet 2022 was held at the Sugathadasa Stadium, Colombo, with Avian Athletes managing to light up the stadium with a few stellar performances. The day definitely belonged to Ave Maria Convent Negombo athlete, Jithma Shenari who was crowned as the Best Athlete-(Under 18 Girls) for achieving the first places in 100m, 200m and 400m running events. Thus, Ave Maria convent reached great heights by being the first Runner-up at the Western Province Athletic Meet – 2022 with one hundred and nineteen points.
“SUCCESS isn’t Given, it is Earned on the tract and on the field with Blood and Sweat.” Ave Marian Senior Athletic Champions are honored for their athletic achievements at Sir John Tarbet Senior Championship Athletic Meet organized by Schools Athletic Association of Sri Lanka which was held at Mahinda Rajapaksha Stadium, Diyagama from 13th of September to 16th of September 2022. Congratulations on your incredible success!
At the Gampaha Development Chess Championship 2022- Negombo Zonal Tournament. Under 11 & under 13 Championship was won by Miss.Tharuvi Rochalani & Nickie Liyanage respectively. In addition, under 9 & under 13 1st runners up award was won by Nishi Liyanage & Sasindi Prasansa respectively and 2nd runner up was awarded to under 7 Sanduni Rashilani & under 13 Kiyara Dewmini. We thank the coaches Mr.Shamin de Moraes , Ms. Tharuka Sirisena & the teachers in charge Ms. Nilanthi Vas & Ms. Dilini Fernandofor their dedication in training them.
Congratulations Dear Students and Teachers...
Junior National School karate championship 2022. Ave Maria Convent Became overall 1st runners up taking 27 points.
As the first step , organized a field visit to “Umandawa” International Buddhist Global Village in the 8th Of May 2022. This was an unforgettable field trip for every one. Rev Sister Principal’s participation, guidance and encouragements strengthen the society vision all-time. The members of the society not only enjoy the scenic beauty of Umandawa but also earned first- hand experience by engaging the field work with the members of Umandawa staff. The members were over joyed by helping in weeding the paddy fields in the center. In the same time every one of them had an opportunity to taste the traditional curries which was prepared with chemical free organic vegetables grown in Umandawa farm. That field visit to Umandawa motivated the participants to start their own home gardens as well as to make model home garden in the school.
Ave Maria Convent won the 1st runner's up - Inter school tennis tournament - Under 15 tennis team Congratulations dear girls......
Ave Maria Convent Negombo, was ready to consecrate the Alma Mater to the Blessed Virgin Mary together as one school on the 20th May, 2022. However due to the sudden curfew which was imposed on the 20th, the school gathered a limited crowd of Prefects, while abiding with the security guidelines and celebrated on behalf of the entire school with utmost faith and grandeur. Thus, the Prefects adorned the statue of Mother Mary by the crowning and garlanding which followed by the reciting of the Holy Rosary on behalf of the entire country and Alma Mater.
SSC open women's open champion and women's open double s champion -Anjalika Kurera, Ave Maria Convent, Negombo. Congratulations Anjalika Kurera...
SLT Clay court Championship 2022 - Women's Open Single Champion - Anjalika Kurera , Ave Maria Convent, Negombo. Congratulations Anjalika Kurera...
SLT Clay court Championship 2022 - Girls under 18 Champion - Vishmi Serasinghe , Ave Maria Convent, Negombo. Congratulations Vishmi Serasinghe...
“Going on Retreat is a time to cocoon; So that one may emerge ready to return to lives with a new perspective.” Thus, while marking the beginning to the penitential Lenten season, Ave Maria Convent opened its doors for a new term with a Spiritual Retreat for its members of the staff, conducted by the outstanding motivational and inspirational speaker, Bro. Charles Thomas, on the 7th of March 2022, which was also followed by a mesmerizing “Geetha Bhawana”. The day engaged the teachers in spiritual reflection and helped them learn about the importance of building a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit and Power of Prayer in fulfilling their responsibilities as teachers. Avian staff was thus, facilitated with the opportunity to take some time to pause in their busy, distracting world and enter into their mentoring lives with a new perspective. Thereby, the day was enthusiastically spent with the individuals that were served by Bro. Charles Thomas, leading the teachers to a deep and profound journey of transformation. Hence, the school takes an immense pleasure to offer its sincerest thanks to Bro. Charles and his team for making the day a success.
“The greatest and important events in our lives commence with calling to mind and praising the Almighty.” The main reasons for such a noble act is primarily to adore him for favours received and also simultaneously to wish the personnel concerned in their dedicated contribution towards the students and the school in the long run. The 13th January 2022, arose a day of felicitation to five of our dedicated teachers Mrs.Anoma Fernando, Mrs.Anne Elsie, Mrs.Kanchana Jayasumana, Mrs.Madonna Fonseka and Mrs.Shanika Perera Fonseka as they bid farewell to our Alma Mater. The school paid its gratitude for the number of years they had spent imparting the right skills and knowledge onto our Avians. The glorious day's proceedings started off with the Eucharistic celebration followed by a spectacular, sentiments arousing event by our students that highlighted a well earned tribute to them. Rev. Sr. Shermila Jayawardena, the Principal of the school further felicitated the meritorious scholars by awarding them each a medal as a token of appreciation on this most prestigious occasion. At the same time, an emotionally charged atmosphere surrounded the entire school as all felt sad and nostalgic to leave the premises. It is our collective wish and prayer while they are bidding farewell to their teaching career at Ave Maria Convent, to wish and pray for a bright, successful future full of good health, to carry on as they unfold new chapters in their lives
106th Colombo Championship 2021 - Girls under 16 Champion - Vishmi Serasinghe , Ave Maria Convent, Negombo. Congratulations Vishmi Serasinghe....
Anjalika wins third singles title at Colombo Championships... Congratulations Anjalika kurera... (National Tennis Champion - 2021)
The Ave Marians who got 3 As for the Advanced Level 2020... Congratulations girls...
Congratulations Anjalika kurera, New Generation Awards 2020, Best sports women of the year (National Tennis Champion)
The Sports Meet of Ave Maria Convent was held on the 13th February 2020. Ms. Shirali Tissera, a past pupil of the school who is the first Lady Air Craft Maintenance Engineer at Sri Lankan Air Lines, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. It was a graceful day for Ave Marians and the athletes disclosed their talents gaining confidence and proving what they accomplish at school. Leading all the houses and making it remarkable, Coudert House obtained the championship for the 7th consecutive year.
A new five storeyed building namely Euphracian building was opened on 3rd January 2020 by Rev. Sr. Francine Muthugala the Province Leader of Good Shepherd Congregation Sri Lanka Pakistan. It includes an ICT Lab, Media Unit, Assembly Hall, Staff room classrooms and more facilities. Ave Marian Family wishes God's Blessings on the new building and hopes that it will be dedicated to Divine Service which ultimately will glorify God.
Carols at Ave Maria Convent, Negombo. The Annual Carol service 2019 "MysteriumFidei" of Ave Maria Convent, Negombo was held on the 12th December at the Convent Auditorium. MysteriumFidei which means the Mystery of Faith , well suited since we still have the remembrences of the Easter Sunday incident and the devotees have the faith in God Almighty with all the ups and downs they experienced recently. The Choristers well mingled with the melodies and they conveyed the meanings of the carols as they sang preparing the audience for the Birth of Our Savciour Jesus Christ. Rev. Fr Cyril Gamini Fernando ( Parish Priest, St Anne's Church, Kurana, & Former Director, SIGNIS Sri Lanka & National Catholic Social Communications) the Chief Celebrant enlightened the audience with the homily and blessed the gathering.
The Nightingales of the Primary Choir of Ave Maria Convent performed in a brilliant manner and was crowned the championship when they performed at National Institute of Education in the above mentioned competition organized by the ministry of Education. The participants were trained by Miss Kaveesha Yohani and Ave Maria Family congratulates the Choristers and wishes them good luck in their future endeavours.
Ave Maria students exposing the aesthetic talents in them participated in the above competition and proved their power and might in this arena. They bagged the championship among the participation of 15 schools and the audience was dismayed with their significant performance. The participants absorbed well the instructions and guidance of the choreographer Mr. Ashok Fernando and the teachers in charge Ms. Tharana Salgado and Ms Deena Fernandio
Anjelika exposing her talents in tennis in recent times proved herself a budding tennis star. She was unbeaten throughout ITF Junior Circuit Week -1, last month and clinched the ITF Junior title beating Harune Shigemasu of Japan and Qianyu Liu of China. At the moment 16 year old Anjelica is participating in the Fed Cup Paribas Womens Tennis Championship 2019, the Worlds Largest Annual Womens International Tennis Competition. This year the nations in group II that includes Sri Lanka competes in two different venues and Sri Lanka now contests in Dushanbe. Initially Sri Lanka was pooled in with Iran and Singapore to start off their group stage in the tournament. On the opening day of the competition (12 th June 2019) the first set was evenly fought and finally Anjelika broke free at 4 games all to win the closing couple set. Angelica was more relaxed in the second set being a head at the four games to 1 and later 5 2 and eventually went on to seal Sri Lankas first victory 1 rubber to 0. While congratulating we wish Angelica and the number of the Sri Lankan team Good luck and Gods blessings for the upcoming games.
Eight awards, including best drama, for Ave Maria, Negombo State children's drama festival 2018
It is commendable Little MissMaria Maneesha Perera a Grade 3 student of Ave Maria Convent, Negombo obtaining the 1st place at The State Children’s Art Festival -2018 in the Post Primary Category.
The Drama Cast of Ave Maria Convent, Negombo, obtained the 1 st Place at the State Children’s Drama Festival. They were enthralled when they were paid off with eight special awards. The members of the audience were dismayed when the list of awards was announced of this great accomplishment. The awards are the Best Drama, Best Script- Mr Nelson Kannangara, Best Actress-Teena Silva, 2 Awards for : Best Composer,Ms Rangani Fernando & Ms Disna Fernanado ,Best Lighting- Mr. Nelson Kannangara, Best Stage Craft-Miss Shanon Telling, Best Costumes Miss Adeesha Dewmini Senarath.
Recently at Temple Trees ten athletes who have realistic chances of winning medals at International Sporting events in future were awarded Colors at a Ceremony. Among them was Anjelica Kurera the International Tennis Player of Ave Maria Convent, Negombo was the awardee in Tennis. She bagged the Championship at SSC Open Tennis Championship in Women’s Open Singles & under 14 and Runners up in Women’s Open. Anjelica’s enthusiasm and courage made her represent Sri Lanka at Women’s Open Tennis Games in Jakarta, Palembang- 2018 and had the opportunity of playing a match with a 29 year old Japanese Tennis player who has ranked 5th in Asia. We are sure there is yet to come of Anjelica’s achievements.
The swimming Champion of Ave Maria Convent, Shenali Weerawanse obtained 1st Place in 50m, 100m and 200m Back Stroke at Sri Lanka Schools Swimming Championship 2018. It is remarkable her becoming 1st in Back Stroke events continuously.
Summit of the School Principals which facilitated the teachers and Principals of many invited schools to have an understanding of adolescents was held at Ave Maria Convent, Negombo Convent hall on 2nd July 2018. It was conducted by Prof.D.S.Ravindran and organized by ICTRC India and Ave Maria Convent- Negombo, coordinating the Zonal Education Director of Negombo Mr. Antony Fernando. The Professor the Chief facilitator in his address made the participants aware of the problematic areas with examples from day today lives. It was a fruitful session said the participants who were Principals, Counsellors and teachers of different schools.
Angelica Kurera the renowned tennis player of Ave Maria Convent bagged the Championships • Girls’ under 14 Singles • Girls under 16 Singles • Women’s Open Singles at SSC Open Tennis Championship at Tennis Courts on 15th July. It was an outstanding performance for her to possess all these titles being an under 14 player.
Grade four students received First Holy Communion on 9th June 2018 at the Convent Auditorium. The Chief celebrant was Rev. Fr. Ivan Perera Arch Diocesan Director of Education & Gen Manager, Catholic Schools Western Province. He said that the event was well organized and the students meaningfully participated in the Holy Mass. Rev Fr. Indunil Sampath in the Homily insisted that priority should be given to Jesus in whatever the circumstances. It was a Blessed day for Ave Maria when 177 students received First Holy Communion.
At 45th Sri Lanka Schools’ Aquatic Sports Championships held at Sugathadasa Stadium Swimming Pool Complex Shenali Weerawanse exposed her talents and dismayed the spectators by her thrilling performance in Back Stroke. Her continuous practice made her a great swimmer and she obtained the 1st places in all three categories in back stroke 50 meters, 100 meters and 200 meters. She also had the opportunity of representing Sri Lanka at the 54th Milo/Pram Malaysia Invitational Age Group Swimming Championship -2018 at National Aquatic Centre, Kuala Lumpur Sports City in March this year.
The greatest respect that could be given to Mother Mary was performed at School. The Principal teachers and stud4ents went round the school carrying the statue of Our Lady in a chariot specially created for the day and reciting the Rosary. Finally the School was consecrated to Mother Mary. Rev. Fr Chrishan Jayashantha Fernando who arrived in the school for the blessing appreciated the creative and collective decorations and explained the students about the May Feast “the Visitation”. Ave Marian Family experienced the Blessings of Mother Mary to whom the School is dedicated to when “Showers of Blessings” were sprinkled and ceased for the Procession to go round.
The under 18 team of Ave Maria Convent, Negombo bagged the Championship at the Netball Tournament organized by the Zonal Education office, Negombbo on 8th May 2018. Under 20 and 16 teams became the 2nd runners up and the players exposed their talents well in the netball court to the spectators present.
Roshell Nathasha Askey brings glory not only to the school but also to the whole Island. Roshel Nathasha Askey represented Sri- Lanka at World Schools’ Championship held in Durres-Albania from 20th- 29TH April. Roshel in this World Championship obtained the 6th position bringing glory not only to the School but also for the whole Island.
Grade 9 upwards students were exposed to a session to upgrade their spirituality , which is most needed in the society today on 25th April 2018 in the School Auditorium. It was on the theme “AMMA” and Rev. Fr. Dulip Kamal, the Liturgy Director of Katana Deanery, made the students understand the relationship of the mother and the daughter relating to the spiritual upliftment of the students
Ave Maria Students exposed their talents at the G.C.E.(O/L) Examination in 2017 making the School Flag flutter high up in the air. #4 students obtained 9As and 32 students obtained 8As and 1B. Ave Maria Family wishes them good luck for their future and the Patron Mother Mary’s intervene for their future success.
The Prefects’ Investiture was held on 12th January 2018. It commenced with Holy Mass conducted by praising ,thanking and requesting blessings of God for the newly appointed prefects. Ninety prefects were inducted from the Upper School and forty two from the Primary. Rebecca Fernando was the Head Prefect of the Upper School and Nishi Munasinghe was the Head Prefect of the Primary Section. The Sector Cordinator, Rev, Sr. Madonna Wimaladasa, The Community Leader Rev. Sr. John Storey, The Principal Rev. Sr. Shermila Jayawardena, The vice Principal Rev. Sr Jayamani Rodrigo, the teachers and the members of the Welfare Board, Past Pupils’ Association and the Past Teachers’ Association were in attendance.
Commencing the year 2018 the members of the Staff participated in an “ Attended Outbound Training Programme on 4th January. It was facilitated by the “Unlock Team” and the course was in keeping with International Standards of Team Building and Leadership[ Development. The teachers got motivated for a change in their lives which will be definitely instrumental in their teaching career.
Grade 1 students were welcomed to the School on 15th January 2018 by the Principal Rev. Sr Shermila Jayawardena, Vice Principal Rev Sr. Jayamani Rodrigo , the Deputy Principals and some teachers of the Primary Section and some Primary students. The new students were welcomed in song and dance by Primary student. After they were taken to the classes the Principal addressed the parents informing about some rules and regulations of the School.
The Annual Carol Service for the year 2017 was held in the School Auditorium on 12th December and Rev. Fr. Priyantha Silva , Director , Arch Diocesan Centre for Sacred Arts and Architecture the Chief Celebrant delivered the Christmas Message and granted the Blessing. It was a commendable performance by the School Choirs Primary and Upper School The Choir of the Brother School Maris Stella College joined adding colour and peace commencing the Christmas Spirit respecting the New Born Babe in Bethlehem. Members of the different organizations of the Ave Marian Family joined the Carol Service depicting unity among each other.
Skills of Athletes bring honour to Ave Maria Convent, Negombo!!! Sir John Tarbet Junior Championship Athletic Meet organized by School Athletic Association of Sri Lanka was held at Homagama, Mahinda Rajapaksha Grounds, on 8th – 10th November. Menuki Ranasinghe obtained 2nd place in Long Jump under 12, 3rd place in 100 m and 2nd place in 80m. Sewmini Nathaliya obtained 1st place in Shot Putt under 14. 4 x 100m team obtained 2nd place. The participants are Menuki Ranasinghe, Piumi Wimalasuriya, Shenali Ariyawansa and Desadi Yehansa. Finally the athletes bagged the overall under 12 Girls Championship.
Athletes of Ave Maria Convent Negombo, exposed their talents at All Island School Games 2017 Meet, organized by Ministry of Education which was held at Mahinda Rajapaksha Grounds in Homagama, on 11th – 15th October. Menuki Ranasinghe obtained 2nd place in Long Jump under 12, 2nd place in 100 m and 3rd place in 80m and Sewmini Nathaiya obtained 1st place in Shot Putt in Under 14. Finally the athletes bagged the Overall Junior Girls Championship.
Shenali Weerawansa who has been achieving in the swimming arena continuously achieved in the following manner at the National Short Course Swimming Championship 2017 although she is only 15 years old. In the Senior Category Open 50m Back Stroke 2nd place 100m Back Stroke 2nd place 50m Butterfly Stoke 2nd place 100m Individual Medley 3rd place In the Under 19 Category 50m Back Stroke 3rd place 100m Back Stroke 2nd place 50m Butterfly Stroke 3rd place 200m Back stroke 3rd place Shenali Weerawansa has got selected to participate in the Common Wealth Games in Australia next April. We are proud to announce that only 12 swimmer from Sri Lanka were selected for this prestigious event and Shenali is one of them. Congratulation Shenali!!! May God Bless You.
Grade 5 Scholarship Achievers
Ave Marian Red Ball “A” Team won the Championship in the All Island Inter School Cool Tennis A Division Tournament which held from 27th – 29th October 2017 at the Sri Lanka Tennis Association Courts.
Ave Marian Green Ball “A” Team won the 3rd place in the All Island Inter School Cool Tennis A Division tournament which held from 27th – 29th October 2017 at the Sri Lanka Tennis Association Courts.
Ave Marian Orange Ball “B” Team won the 3rd place in the All Island Inter School Cool Tennis B Division tournament which held from 22nd – 23rd October 2017 at the Sri Lanka Tennis Association Courts.
Ave Maria Convent, Negombo participated in the Inter School Shakespeare Drama Competition organized by YMCA and the Rotary Club of Colombo North this year. They performed a scene from Hamlet ; Andrea Fernando who characterized Hamlet and Andrea Oshadi who characterized Ophelia got nominated for the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress respectively. They practiced for two and a half months with the young 22 year old Director Mr. Roshane Jayampathy. Mr. Jayampathy put in a lot of effort with the teachers who took day and night off from their daily routine to get the best out of the students. The students were hard working and their motivation, dedication and the encouragement from the parents made them get into finals. Their tireless efforts were finally paid off with the Championship they were awarded on the 29th September 2017 at the Bishop’s College Auditorium. The cast members were ; Andrea Fernando –Hamlet, Andrea Oshadi- Ophelia, Muthuni Dissanayake-Gurtrude, Shevodi Perera-Claudius, Chrishelle De Silva-Pollonius, Natali Eranya-Learties, Mystica Jayakody-King Hamlet & Horatio, Richelle Fernando- Ghost, Melissa Perera-Maid and Ghost, Sheranya Dassanayake- Ghost & Soldier, Avindya Jayawardena- Soldier,Suraya Opatha –Ghost, Sanjana Kuruwita-Ghost and Isari Kuruwita-Ghost.