Welcome Ceremony of Our New Principal, Rev. Sr. Priyangani Hathurusinghe
A warm and heartfelt welcome ceremony was held on January, 2nd 2024 to welcome Reverend Sister Priyangani Hathurusinghe as the new principal of our school. The event was a true celebration of community, dedication, and anticipation for the promising future that lies ahead with Rev. Sister Priyangani Hathurusinghe at the helm. The welcome ceremony began with a joyous atmosphere, as students, teachers, and staff gathered together in the school auditorium. The event kicked off with a lively performance by the school choir, setting the tone for a memorable and welcoming occasion. A heartfelt welcome speech was delivered by the outgoing principal, highlighting Rev. Sister Priyangani Hathurusinghe's impressive background in education and her passion for inspiring and guiding students. The speech was met with applause and cheers from the audience, showcasing their enthusiasm for the new leadership. Rev. Sister Priyangani Hathurusinghe then took the stage and expressed her gratitude for being welcomed so warmly into the school community. She shared her vision for the school and her commitment to creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where students can thrive academically and personally. Hence, the welcome ceremony for our newly appointed Reverend Sister Principal was a resounding success, filled with warmth, enthusiasm, and a sense of unity among students, teachers and staff. It marked the beginning of an exciting journey for our school, with Rev. Sister Priyangani Hathurusinghe leading the way towards a brighter and more promising future. Together, we look forward to a successful and fulfilling tenure for Rev. Sister Priyangani Hathurusinghe as our esteemed principal.