Ave Maria Convent Celebrates 25th Jubilee of Three Dedicated Teacher
Ave Maria Convent Negombo marked a momentous occasion on July 4th as it celebrated the 25th jubilee of three esteemed teachers, Mrs. Rangani Fernando, Mrs. Chrishanthini Fernando, and Mrs. Wayanga Ginige accompanied by a solemn Holy Mass. Amidst prayers and reflections, the school community came together to express gratitude and admiration. The Holy Mass added a spiritual dimension to the festivities, highlighting the teachers' commitment to nurturing minds and spirits alike. Moreover, the event was marked by speeches, songs and dances lauding their commitment and contributions to education. These teachers, pillars of knowledge and mentors, have tirelessly dedicated themselves to shaping young minds with wisdom and care. As the school community gathered in appreciation, it was a poignant reminder of the profound impact these educators have had over a quarter-century of service. Thereby, we extend our heartfelt wishes for continued success in their teaching careers at Ave Maria Convent.