Prefects Investiture 2024
The Prefects’ Investiture Ceremony of Ave Maria Convent for the academic year 2023/2024 was held on the 07th of March 2024, under the patronage of the Principal Sr. Priyangani Hathurusinghe. It was not just a unique day for the new appointees, but a day of glory to the Vice Principals, teachers, the proud parents who looked forward to see their children accepting a noteworthy challenge of being leaders in the esteem school. Hence, Director academy of music and arts of BCI campus Rev. Fr. Malith Kaluarachchi , Vice Principal Sr. Gayathri Alwis , Deputy Principals, Ms. Dilhani David, Ms. Geethani Perera, Prefect In Charge Ms. Asangi Fernando, teachers, students and parents of senior prefects were present to Grace the occasion. This esteem function, to honour the new board of prefects commenced with the Eucharistic celebration followed by the conferring of badges to the beaming prefects by the Principal, Deputy Principals and teachers of the school while the parents were seated to witness the unforgettable moment. The head Prefect Ms. K. Uvindi T.M Fernando administered the oath followed by all the prefects who pledged to maintain peace, discipline and unity inside and outside the school premises. The ceremony enlivened with a debut speech by the Head Girl Ms. Uvindi Fernando and a speech by the outgoing Head Girl Ms. Primeli Bernadette . Subsequently, Sr. Principal addressed the gathering on the importance of attitude, discipline and leadership qualities. Finally, the day’s proceedings culminated with everyone joining in the National Anthem, in keeping with normal concluding formality.