Spiritual Retreat for the staff
“Going on Retreat is a time to cocoon; So that one may emerge ready to return to lives with a new perspective.” Thus, while marking the beginning to the penitential Lenten season, Ave Maria Convent opened its doors for a new term with a Spiritual Retreat for its members of the staff, conducted by the outstanding motivational and inspirational speaker, Bro. Charles Thomas, on the 7th of March 2022, which was also followed by a mesmerizing “Geetha Bhawana”. The day engaged the teachers in spiritual reflection and helped them learn about the importance of building a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit and Power of Prayer in fulfilling their responsibilities as teachers. Avian staff was thus, facilitated with the opportunity to take some time to pause in their busy, distracting world and enter into their mentoring lives with a new perspective. Thereby, the day was enthusiastically spent with the individuals that were served by Bro. Charles Thomas, leading the teachers to a deep and profound journey of transformation. Hence, the school takes an immense pleasure to offer its sincerest thanks to Bro. Charles and his team for making the day a success.