Carols at Ave Maria Convent 2019
Carols at Ave Maria Convent, Negombo. The Annual Carol service 2019 "MysteriumFidei" of Ave Maria Convent, Negombo was held on the 12th December at the Convent Auditorium. MysteriumFidei which means the Mystery of Faith , well suited since we still have the remembrences of the Easter Sunday incident and the devotees have the faith in God Almighty with all the ups and downs they experienced recently. The Choristers well mingled with the melodies and they conveyed the meanings of the carols as they sang preparing the audience for the Birth of Our Savciour Jesus Christ. Rev. Fr Cyril Gamini Fernando ( Parish Priest, St Anne's Church, Kurana, & Former Director, SIGNIS Sri Lanka & National Catholic Social Communications) the Chief Celebrant enlightened the audience with the homily and blessed the gathering.