Primary Teachers Day 2022
On 05th of October 2022 the students and the parents of the primary school worked together for the celebration of teachers day 2022. As early as 8.00 in the morning the parents and the students gathered together in the school ground to welcome our lovely teachers with their glamorous attire. All the teachers were welcomed by the students as they walked through a colourful balloon arch. They were gifted with gifts and a special sash which said “ you are the second mother” This souvenir is not only a give away instead. It serves as a sign of appreciation for our dear teachers for being the second mother in the school who guides and leads the students to do good in life in order to have a better future. To celebrate this occasion students performed a lovely song with a dance acknowledging the contribution of their teachers. The parents had organized few games and a cricket match for teachers. Refreshments were also arranged by the parents. It was a joyful day for all the teachers. The programme was ended around 10.00 A.M