Establishment of a New School Science Laboratory by the Past Pupils' Association.
The Past Pupils' Association of Ave Maria Convent together with Mrs. Anoma Fernando, the immediate Past President, Ms. Hyacinth Gunawardena, the President, Mrs. Lakshmi Nettikumara, the Science Coordinator and the teachers of Science stepped forward extending their generous support in terms of financial and technical assistance for the construction of the new full equipped Science Laboratory to the school with the aim of uplifting the Science education in the school. This newly built laboratory was ceremonially opened on the 10th of January 2023. As a school , we are greatly thankful for the Past Pupils’ Association of Ave Maria Convent Negombo, the Architect, Mr. Manoj De Croos and the Contractor, Mr. Shevin Mahawattage for their immense support in making our students’ dream a success. Hereby, Ave Maria Convent Negombo, is proud to have a well equipped Science Laboratory which is in constant use by the secondary school students of the college.