Only One Earth - Primary Environment Day
World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5 globally. It is a day on which we spread awareness about the environment and the need to conserve it. Moreover, it is essential to advocate for a greener environment and conservation of nature. Following the footsteps of protecting the 'Only One Earth', the primary school of Ave Maria Convent - Negombo celebrated the Environment Day on 30th of September 2022 by organizing a mini fair to sell fruits and vegetable plants among students to mark the significance of protecting the environment and also to overcome the pessimistic effects on the sudden economic crisis of Sri Lanka. It is quite simple as when we conserve the environment today, the future generations will be able to lead a healthier life. Environment Day is the perfect opportunity to make people aware of the issues we are facing and how one can contribute to saving it. To sum it up, it is important to remember that the gifts and blessings which nature endows on us are priceless. It is rather essential to conserve them all for a better future and life for all